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Winners of the Best community project of the year 2020-2021

It's official!

Rotaract Kristianstad was awarded both first and second place for their outstanding projects "Swishinsamling för Skåne Stadsmission" and "Starfish Lotteri". Rotaract Poseidon Göteborg was awarded third place for their project "Beach clean up".

Read more about all the nominated projects below

First place

Swish fundraiser for Skåne Stadsmission, created by Rotaract Kristianstad

2020.11.26 -2020.12.18

They club raised over 22 000 SEK for Skåne Stadsmission through a swish campaign and used the money to purchase Christmas food and clothes to homeless people, people with addictions or psychological problems which need this kind of help.

Second place

Starfish Lottery, fundraiser created by Rotaract Kristianstad


With the help of local artist Malena Olsson, the club hosted a fundraiser with one of her paintings and an art book. The funds, 16 550 SEK, was donated to various water projects in Europe and Africa

Third place

Beach clean up - by Rotaract Poseidon Göteborg


In collaboration with Nordic Ocean Watch Sweden and WeNaturalists, the club arranged a local beach clean up event, collecting plastics and other polluters from the shores and surrounding cliffs. It was a lovely day bringing together members and new friends and creating awareness for a great cause, cleaning up our oceans!


Mentorship Program by Rotaract Poseidon Göteborg

October 2020- April 2021

The purpose of the mentorship program was to give young professionals, student and job seekers guidance, inspiration and opportunities for personal development. Local Rotary members volunteered as mentors and shared their knowledge, advice and ideas with young professionals under 35. The program started with a joint dinner and mingle session. There were three additional meet ups with the whole group online on various career building topics and the mentor-adept couples met at their own terms online or in person during the project.

Incubating the Future, a Mentorship program created by Rotaract Malmö-Lund International

November 2020 - ongoing

Rotaract Malmö Lund International (RMLI) launched a mentorship program in the fall of 2020 between their club and Rotary clubs in the district. The program is open to both existing and prospective members of Rotaract and Rotary clubs, and aims to give young professionals the opportunity to get support and guidance for their professional career and individual development.

The RMLI mentorship program aligns with Rotary’s area-of-focus to support education. We at the RMLI club created this service project with the intention to serve our local community containing many students who will soon enter the labour market, and we believe that mentorship is an excellent tool to achieve this goal. In addition, this program also aims to increase the number of members in Rotaract clubs within the district. Finally, this service project aims to provide a networking platform between Rotaract and Rotary members in the district, and to strengthen the partnership between Rotaract and Rotary clubs in Skåne.

We prepared guidelines for roles and eligibility criteria both for participation and for mentor-mentee matching. We also provided templates for mentor-mentee agreements. Due to the pandemic, the mentor/mentee pairs were finally introduced and started working in January. During the first check-in in March, both mentees and mentors were happy with their matched partners. Mentees appreciate the experience their mentors have and their advice, and mentors enjoyed the mentoring session and the support they can give.

We received lots of positive feedback, such as this one from one of our mentees: “My mentor has a lot of experience and this helps me see different ways to approach my search for a better career”, and the comment from one of the program mentors: “It is such a pleasure to get to know my mentee and to be a part of this program.”